We have received your request for corporate collaboration or participation discounts. Thank you for your enthusiasm for the STEM Olympiad.

1. For institutions intending to register more students, the table of discount amounts (Refunds) or free registration coupons based on the number of registrations is given below.
2. ​The institution can choose a bank transfer and free registration coupons for a refund. (One of the columns in the table, A or B)
3. An institution that prefers bank transfer should issue an invoice to STEM Olympiad for the amount it will receive in March 2023.
4. An institution that prefers Free Coupons will be sent discount coupons after meeting each quote listed in the table below. As a result, newly registered students can take advantage of these coupons.
5. Each coupon offers a 100% discount. It is applicable to all categories (a discount of 25 € for Coding category and 20 € for Math, Science and Art categories).
6. An institution that prefers discount coupons should send an email to the STEM Olympiad, requesting discount coupons each time it reaches a quota.
7. Coupons cannot be transferred to the following year. Unused coupons will be evaluated based on the amount of the discounts and a bank transfer will be made to the institution with an invoice. (A bank transfer based on the coupon value is not possible.)
8. Institutions that prefer a discount coupon will have their final financial settlement completed by the end of February. The refund amount will be calculated and transferred to their accounts based on the total number of registrations (paid exams)

Please follow the STEPS listed below after reviewing the following table:


If you agree to the above terms of cooperation, please review the STEPS below to keep track of the registrations from your institution:

Step 1: You must open at least one teacher account on behalf of your school.
Guidelines for teacher registration: https://stemolympiad.org/documents/Teacher_Registration.pdf

Step 2: You will be assigned a unique Teacher ID after you open a teacher account. You should give this ID to your students for self-registration.
Guidelines for a new student registration using Teacher ID: https://stemolympiad.org/documents/New_Student_Registration_With_Teacher_ID.pdf

Step 3: The information of the students who register using this Teacher ID will begin to appear in the teacher’s panel.
> You can download exam results and certificates of the students displayed in the teacher account.
> If a student forgets to enter the Teacher ID during the registration process, he/she can enter it later from the My Profile menu.
> Don't worry if your students forget to add the Teacher ID. Following the exams, you will be given the complete list of participants from your school based on the STEM Olympiad records.

Step 4: An institution that prefers discount coupons should send an email to the STEM Olympiad, requesting discount coupons each time it reaches a quota.

You are not required to take any action after reading the information above. 
Please contact us again if you have 50 or more paid students or exam registrations.

For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.