Aim / Vision

The foundation of the contest and questions is built on STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math). The main goal of the organization is to change the students’ perspective on life with types of questions which show that the subjects and formulas that students have learned in science lessons can appear in real life.

It is expected that students’ perspective on life can change thanks to the questions stemming from daily life and it aims to get rid of the question “What use has this subject for me?” and better understand the value of the lessons taught in class.

The staggering education and the schools’ inability to participate in national or international activities during the pandemic have greatly reduced the motivation of the students for school and education. Even though it is online, students will be able to try and measure themselves on an international platform while giving the schools an opportunity to be able to participate in an international event.

Additionally, the ​International STEM Olympiad provides students with interactive training portals as a learning resource. Students will be able to see how technology, as well as traditional teaching methods, contribute to their learning.

As a result,  students will be able to improve their skills using interactive simulations with the help of technology as well as traditional teaching methods.

It is among the goals of the organization to increase students’ interest in science and to raise awareness on this issue through the awards presented at the end of the Olympiad.