POPULAR SCIENCE - ​​​​Grades 6 & 7

  1. Cells and Microorganisms: Understanding cell structure, cell functions, and the diversity of microorganisms.
  2. Genetics and Heredity: Basic concepts of genetics, inheritance, and genetic variation.
  3. Earth's Structure and Plate Tectonics: Exploring the layers of the Earth, plate movements, earthquakes, and volcanoes.
  4. Energy and Energy Transfer: Understanding different forms of energy, energy transfer, and conservation of energy.
  5. Human Body Systems: In-depth knowledge about the major systems of the human body and their interactions.
  6. Ecology and Ecosystems: Exploring the relationships between organisms and their environments, including food webs and energy flow.
  7. Chemical Reactions: Understanding different types of chemical reactions, balancing equations, and reaction rates.
  8. Light and Optics: Concepts related to light, reflection, refraction, and lenses.
  9. Weather and Climate: In-depth exploration of weather patterns, climate change, and climate zones.
  10. Motion and Forces: Understanding motion, Newton's laws of motion, and different types of forces.
  11. Sound and Waves: In-depth knowledge about sound waves, their properties, and how they travel.
  12. Astronomy: Concepts related to the solar system, stars, galaxies, and the universe.
  13. Environmental Science: Raising awareness about environmental issues, conservation, and sustainability.
  14. Scientific Inquiry and Method: Understanding the scientific method, experimental design, and data analysis.
  15. States of Matter and Changes of State: In-depth exploration of the different states of matter and phase changes.