MATHEMATICS - ​​Grades 2 & 3

  1. Number Sense:
    - Addition and subtraction within 100.
    - Skip counting (e.g., counting by 2s, 5s, 10s).
    - Comparing and ordering numbers.
    - Basic understanding of place value.
  2. Basic Operations:
    - Multiplication and division (for grade 3 students).
    - Solving simple word problems involving addition, subtraction, and multiplication.
  3. Measurement:
    - Length: Comparing and measuring objects using non-standard units (e.g., paper clips, cubes) and standard units (e.g., centimeters, meters).
    - Time: Reading and telling time on analog and digital clocks (hours and half-hours).
  4. Geometry:
    - 2D Shapes: Identifying and describing common shapes (e.g., squares, rectangles, triangles, circles).
    - 3D Shapes: Identifying and describing common solids (e.g., cubes, spheres, cylinders).
  5. Data and Graphs:
    - Reading and interpreting simple pictographs and bar graphs.
  6. Patterns and Sequences:
    - Recognizing and extending number patterns.
  7. Fractions:
    - Introduction to fractions as parts of a whole (e.g., halves and quarters) for grade 3 students.