Grade and Year Comparison Chart

STEM Olympiad Grade Level International Baccalaureate Grade LevelBritish Grade LevelUS/Canada Grade LevelRussian Grade LevelFrench Lycee Grade LevelAustralian Grade LevelIndian Grade LevelJapanese Grade LevelThailand Grade Level
  Year 1 (PYP)Year 1
Grade 1 Year 2 (PYP)Year 2Grade 1Grade 1CPYear 1Standard 1Elementary Grade 1Prathom 1
Grade 2
Year 3 (PYP)Year 3Grade 2Grade 2CE1Year 2Standard 2Elementary Grade 2Prathom 2
Grade 3 Year 4 (PYP)Year 4Grade 3Grade 3CE2Year 3Standard 3Elementary Grade 3Prathom 3
Grade 4 Year 5 (PYP)Year 5Grade 4Grade 4CM1Year 4Standard 4Elementary Grade 4Prathom 4
Grade 5 Year 6 (PYP)Year 6Grade 5Grade 5CM2Year 5Standard 5Elementary Grade 5Prathom 5
Grade 6 Year 7 (MYP)Year 7Grade 6Grade 66 èmeYear 6Standard 6Elementary Grade 6Prathom 6
Grade 7 Year 8 (MYP)Year 8Grade 7Grade 75 èmeYear 7Standard 7Middle School Grade 1Matayom 1
Grade 8 Year 9 (MYP)Year 9Grade 8Grade 84 èmeYear 8Standard 8Middle School Grade 2Matayom 2
Grade 9 Year 10 (MYP)Year 10Grade 9Grade 93 èmeYear 9Standard 9Middle School Grade 3Matayom 3
Grade 10 Year 11 (MYP)Year 11Grade 10Grade 102 ndeYear 10Standard 10High School Grade 1Matayom 4
Grade 11 Year 12 (DP)Year 12Grade 11Grade 111 èreYear 11Higher Secondary 1High School Grade 2Matayom 5
Grade 12 Year 13 (DP)Year 13Grade 12Grade 12TerminaleYear 12Higher Secondary 2High School Grade 3Matayom 6

If you cannot decide which grade to select during registration due to differences in educational systems, you can decide your STEM Grade by comparing the education method that best suits you from the table.