18-23 July 2023 – PARIS

Terms of Participation
  1. The official correspondence, organizational language of the Olympiad and the language of the exams is English.
  2. Students must be registered for the STEM Grand Final by the teachers who will accompany them as supervisors.
  3. Participation in the STEM Grand Final does not require a special degree or a minimum score on the STEM Olympiad Online Exams. 
  4. Each teacher is required to register at least 8 students. These 8 students will not form any group or team. They will compete in the olympiad individually.
  5. The STEM Grand Final is based on basic knowledge, trainings in science centers, simulations on the PhET, Brilliant and Codementum platforms. In other words, it is an olympiad for students of all levels (It is not just for the gifted or special olympiad students).
  6. The olympiad committee and sponsors cover the teachers' expenses during the STEM Grand Final program (excluding visa, insurance and flight fees).
  7. The STEM Grand Final has a quota of 400 students and 50 teachers.
  8. This quota will be distributed among countries based on the number of registered countries. ​The maximum number of participants accepted from each country is 32 students and 4 teachers. Groups on the waiting list will be invited if there is still availability in the general quota. The list of invitees will be announced following the submission of applications.
  9. Only students in grades 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 are eligible to participate (in British education system between 6-12 years). 
  10. This program is only open to teachers and students (not parents).
  11. The Olympiad Committee reserves the right to modify the concept and rules of the organization at any time in order to increase effectiveness and satisfaction.